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My Movember Journey

After losing his Dad to suicide 14 years ago, Kumayl decided to take part in Movember. In his own words, he shares with us his journey and advocacy with us here:
Beginning Movember:
My dad sadly died by suicide 14 years ago, and so, to remember him and to raise awareness for men’s mental health and suicide prevention, I have decided to participate in Movember, and try and recreate his iconic tache. Suicide is the biggest killer of men in the world, and sadly, one in 3 men are likely to succumb to it, however, I’m hoping that by having these sorts of conversations, we get rid of the stigma around this, and lives will be saved. I’m not trying to guilt anyone into giving money, any donations would be massively appreciated, and would go to a really worthy cause. Please guys, don’t man up, speak up, and here are some really useful links, in case anyone out there is struggling and needs some help:
– https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/contact-samaritan/
– https://andysmanclub.co.uk/

– https://movember.com/m/14307529?mc=1

Ending Movember: 
I just wanted to post an update regarding my previous Movember post and the progress my facial hair has made since. I also wanted to thank everyone who donated to the cause, to all of the kind words, comments and thoughts I’ve received from everyone, and to everyone who read the post. I also wanted to make an addendum regarding the link for the Samaritans (which I’ll include again). I know from personal experience that during lockdown, things can get very tough and loneliness can become a serious issue, and I just wanted to let people know that the Samaritans are not just for crisis, but if you’re struggling, at all, it can be really helpful to have someone impartial to chat to or even just to listen to you. I know reaching out and making contact can be a difficult step, but trust me, there are people that can help, and it will get better


Kumayl and a photo of his Dad rocking their moustaches