Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service strives to be an active postvention (support for people bereaved by suicide) service in Leeds, West Yorkshire UK

Our Vision:

  • Every comprehensive suicide prevention plan should include suicide postvention services.


  • The public should be offered choice when being supported by postvention services. Choice of the kind of support (groups, individual), who it is delivered by (professionals or peers) and when that support should be (immediate and historic bereavements).


  • Postvention services should offer a responsive, timely service, fit for the needs of those who need support.


  • Death, grief and bereavement are accepted as natural parts of life but it is acknowledged that for many people support after bereavements, especially bereavements which have an element of trauma (such as bereavement by suicide), can positively impact on the outcomes of such a loss.


  • We believe that peer support has an important role to play in bereavement support and that it should be recognised as such.